10 Coupon Strategies To Save Big Bucks

3. Find your favorite coupon websites and visit them regularly

Coupon issuers will offer many more coupons on these sites than those offered on the manufacturer’s sites, but make sure you check with them on a frequent basis. Many coupons are offered for only a short period of time.

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But NEVER pay for coupons. Any site that wants you to pay for a coupon is most likely a scam.

4. Visit those sites early in the month for the best deals

When manufacturers do limit the total number of coupons offered, it usually happens early in the month. Be there first and you’ll get your choice of the offerings.

5. Don’t neglect the manufacturer’s sites

Visiting a manufacturer’s site (such as Kraft) may take a little longer but it’s a great way to find coupons on the specific items you want and use.

6. Set up a different email address for couponing

If you provide an e-mail and/or regular mail address, you can often receive additional coupons direct from the manufacturer. Just do this one thing: set up an entirely different email for receiving coupon offers. Trust me.

7. Give the grocery store’s website a visit too

Your supermarket probably has its own website. It may not offer coupons BUT it probably does have the store’s current ad and store specials. Use it with your coupons to layer your savings and save your gasoline.

8. Grocery stores aren’t the only place to buy food or use coupons

Drug stores and other big box retailers also carry food items and other household goods and most accept coupons. Use the information on those websites to match your coupons with the store’s specials.

9. Inquire about double coupons

Just call and ask — it’s only a few buttons on a phone! Some stores double them as a matter of policy while others may double them only on certain days. Ask about double coupon limits, say up 50 or 99 cents. Of course some stores don’t double ANY coupons but you never know until you ask. That 99 cent coupon may be worth a lot more than you think.

10. Join the loyalty program

Usually you’ll get a card and with that card comes benefits – usually a discount on certain products at the register. The downside is that the store tracks your every purchase but it may mail or email coupons to you based on your previous purchases. Some stores will even mail you coupons on things you don’t normally get coupons for such as milk, vegetables, or fresh fruit.

Couponing is hard work

But it’s worth it. My family has saved 25 – 40 percent using coupons on many occasions and when you have 5 mouths to feed, that’s a welcome relief!

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