Ally Bank Raise Your Rate CD

3. No fees

Back when I was selling CD investments, a small monthly fee was commonplace. Ally doesn’t charge a fee.

4. Raise your rate once for a 2 year CD

When you invest for a period of 24 months, you can arbitrarily raise your CD’s interest rate once over the term/

5. Raise your rate TWICE with a 4 year CD

Investing for 48 months allows you to raise your rate twice!

6. Personalized alerts

Ally allows you to personalize alerts when it may be a favorable time to raise your rate.

7. The Ally Ten Day Best Rate Guarantee

If you fund your CD within 10 days of opening (or renewing your CD), you automatically get the best rate Ally offers during those 10 days starting with your open or maturity date.

8. Peace of mind

Ally Bank CDs are fully insured up to the maximum amount.

9. Automatic renewal

When your CD renews, you can set it up to automatically renew. That way you won’t have money sitting around not making anything.

10. Consistently HIGH rates

Ally consistently has among the highest rates for their CDs anyway. Add to it the option of increasing your rate and you can personally make certain you have the highest rate going.

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If you’ve considered moving money into a CD, take time to consider Ally’s Raise Your Rate CD!