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Are you in the process of making the decision to finish your degree? I used an online program, but they aren’t for everyone. Before you use my checklist, review these 10 reasons you might consider an online program.

1. An online degree program allows you can set your own schedule — within limits. Accredited online degrees usually don’t allow you to lazily finish a course, but you can determine the amount of courses you take at once.

2. Online courses are accessible almost anytime. Unless there is a server problem, you can usually access your online degree program anytime you have an Internet connection.

3. Online degrees don’t expose you to intimidating professors or students. When I attended The University of Alabama, I originally was considering going to medical school. Other students with similar ambitions were incredibly intimidating and competitive. It drove me crazy. Online degree programs free you from that interaction as well as the interactions of a potentially bullying professor. Additionally, there is the “safety” issue. When you’re using an online program, you don’t expose yourself to potentially unsafe situations by walking across a dark campus at night.

4. When you sign up for an online degree program, you’re able to chose your own learning style. Many courses have lectures via DVD. If you’re a visual learner, this is great news. Other people learn by reading and online degrees are wonderful avenues for that style.

5. There is something for everyone in the online degree world. The amount of course offerings and programs is staggering. Associates, bachelors, masters, and even both types of doctoral programs are available. The majors you can choose range from nursing to business, from web development to ancient history, from graphic design to interior design.

6. You can learn new skills. By taking an online degree program, you’re expanding your horizons by learning new technologies.

7. Online degree programs also offer you the chance to brush up on old skills. You just thought you had forgotten how to write an essay! Most everything is “like riding a bike.” You have so much knowledge already, it’s just a matter of dusting it off and putting it to use.

8. Online degrees are cost effective. Remember that you won’t need to drive to class. You won’t have dorm room fees, meal plans, or parties to attend. Many online degree programs are cheaper than their traditional grounded program counterparts. You’ll be able to save significant amounts of money by purchasing your books online through sites like Ebay, or Half.com.

9. You’ll be able to use current applied technologies. Online degrees insure that you’ll be up to speed with how the Internet works since most online colleges and universities use very late developing technology.

10. You know you want to finish something you started all those years ago. An online degree program is the answer to your need to work AND finish your degree.

Use only accredited online degree programs!

Before you embark on ANY online degree program, please, PLEASE make sure the program is accredited by the Department of Education. If it isn’t, you are wasting your money and your time.

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