10 Ways to Earn Passive Income

Everyone wants to make extra money, however very few of us want to put in more hours on our jobs. The best way to work less and make even more cash is to discover new ways to create passive income. Passive income can be referred to as income that is received on regular intervals without requiring a great deal of work to sustain it — cash that you instantly make whether you work any more or not (Read Royalties: How the Average Person Can Work Once and Get Paid Over and Over and Over).

We have actually covered some wealth structure ideas in the past, like the listing of alternative ways to make extra money. If you want to earn more cash, following are 10 methods to earn money passively in no particular order for income potential:

1. Dividend Investing

Becoming a stockholder in a company is a wonderful way of earning income with extremely little time involved. Purchasing shares in the business, you can then decide whether you want to get quarterly dividend checks (cash made from your financial investment) or to reinvest the money back into more shares. Dividend investing is easily among the most popular sources of passive earnings.

2. Rental Property

When you purchase rental asset, you can begin receiving regular monthly earnings virtually immediately. The work involved needs buying the property one time only. After your mortgage on the asset is paid, anything left over is considered passive earnings.

3. Peer-to-Peer Lending, e.g., Prosper

Online you can find a large group of people financing other people’s debt, their businesses, their vacations even their weddings.. When you become an investor, you are simply providing a specific amount to various other people who need to obtain money for whatever reason. And hey, why not? Investors get better returns than the banks offer and borrowers get better rates than the banks charge. With Prosper, you can expect to earn a 9% interest on average.

4. Build Websites

If you have a flair for building websites that can create a high amount of traffic, you have a wonderful chance to earn passive income. Many individuals find that by merely developing an information site about a subject they are passionate about, they can get high web traffic and earn income by either offering the marketing area on the site or by joining an advertisement profits sharing program. Website structure is hands-down the most trustworthy way to make money online.

5. Bank Accounts

If you like money, you will like seeing it grow. Instead of putting your cash in low-interest earning accounts, shop around and find the banks and accounts that will pay you the most money. The cash earned on interest may appear small, however the longer you keep it in the bank, the even more cash you will make and then the magic of compounding returns takes hold.

6. Bonds

Many individuals are making a great deal of passive income by investing in bonds. Treasury bonds, also known as T-bills or T-bonds, are lasting financial investments. When the bonds develop or come due, you can money on them. For example, you could buy a $100 U.S. Savings Bond for $50, but when it comes due, you get the $100.

7. Writing a Book

If you write a book, you can make royalties for as long as people keep buying it. Lots of terrific authors receive monthly royalty checks on books they wrote twenty years prior. All you need to do is look at authors like Stephen King and Danielle Steele to know this is quite feasible. Even if your book in not on the best seller’s listing, you still have a great possibility of earning a passive income from it.

8. Writing for the Web

An additional method to earn passive earnings from your writing is to sign up with a few of the online short article sites, or become a freelance author. Many of them pay you for the views your articles get each month or when someone clicks on ad that has been placed on your short article’s page. Lots of authors are earning as much as $300 or even more each month in passive earnings from these websites. Squidoo, Yahoo Contributor Network, and Triond are just a couple of examples.

9. Residual Affiliate Marketing

When you become an online affiliate marketer, your goal is to simply to offer products for sale. Though some affiliate marketers allow you to recruit additional people and pay you a commission based on their sales, most online affiliate marketing is relatively simple. Generate page views and clicks. When someone makes a purchase, you get paid a commission.

10. Selling Insurance

When you sell insurance, whenever one of your customer’s renews, you make an additional commission. Registering a number of clients each week ensures your future earnings, as a number of your clients will restore their policy each year. Keep in mind that you will require a license to sell insurance; unless you do it as an affiliate.

As most individuals currently work forty to fifty hours each week (and some of us much much more … ), the last thing they want to do is put more time in to make even more cash when they could be earning passive income. Take it upon yourself to invest some time into finding out the various approaches of passive income generation. With passive income, you could stop working so many hours and still make even more money than you were before. It is all a matter of understanding the process of building wealth and learning ways to make it work for you.

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