4 Clever Ways To Make Money At The Races

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Whether you’re a racing novice or a course aficionado, you just cannot beat a day at the races. For the gentlemen, it is the perfect opportunity to don your finest suit and enjoy a few drinks with the lads whilst, for the ladies, the latest fashion trends are always on show at a racecourse and there is plenty of exhilarating racing action and live entertainment to keep people of all ages occupied.

The primary reason to attend the races is to have a laugh and enjoy yourself but why not try to make some money in the process? Yes, it isn’t as easy as that (otherwise, everybody would be rich) but there are a few clever methods that could help you to end the day in profit – check out our views below.

Avoid Backing Short Priced Favourites

So, one of the biggest mistakes that racing newbies make is backing a favourite early on; in theory, a win on a short-priced fancy can get you off to a good start but losing on a short hope will set you back on the wrong foot for the day. Later in this article, you will read a little more about why you don’t want to be chasing early on; going for an each way bet in the opener makes more sense.

Another thing to consider: don’t get drawn into distance betting too often. If there is one standout horse in the race, maybe avoid placing a bet on that one altogether. Companies may try to entice customers in with a “to win by X lengths” market but these rarely come in. Trust your gut and start assessing the next race.

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Take Advice From Tipsters And Experts

Reading a few tips in the Racing Post is fine and dandy but there is more to backing a winner than checking the thoughts of one well-known newspaper. A number of social media channels, including The Winners Enclosure, work hard to provide the latest offers, including a NAP of the Day – no matter which track you are attending.

By all means, read the latest thoughts and views in the Racing Post and via ITV’s panel of experts but listen to tips from the general public as well. Ultimately, who you back is your decision and you should build up your own group of trusted sources before heading to the races.

Look For Value In Each Way Markets

Any punter worth his/her weight in salt knows that you must consider value and prices when backing a horse to finish in the places. Some bookmakers will offer you 4/1 of the odds whilst stingier traders may be going 1/4. It really is up to you to find the best markets on track; it is also worth considering all options.

In addition, certain bookies will pay out on the top three horses whilst others may stretch to the top four depending on the number of runners. At the Grand National and other major races with big fields, some companies may even pay out on the top five or six – be sure to shop around before placing your wager to guarantee the best chance of maximising profit.

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Don’t Try To Chase Your Losses!

An obvious one but crucial to remember. It is very easy to get caught up in the occasion of a day at the races but stay level-headed and only bet what you can afford. Travel to the event with a figure in your head of what you are willing to lose and stick to it – perhaps five or 10 pounds per race.

Placing larger bets in a bid to win money back rarely works; especially for those who aren’t regular racegoers or don’t follow the sport religiously. Just enjoy your day at the track and have a sociable time with your fellow racing fans. 

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