The 8 Types of Jobs

3. The Social Job

Sometimes we work at places simply because we have friends there. The camaraderie and fun that our friends bring to the workplace make staying there relatively easy. You probably love coming to work and I’m sure your boss probably loves seeing you all enjoying each other’s company and collaboration, but your focus is probably too much on your social relations. Is your professional growth truly on track? Maybe, maybe not.

4. The Speculator Job

If you’re in this job, you’re probably working like crazy in hopes of a future payoff, a huge payoff. How high is your confidence that this payoff will actually happen? When most people in a “speculative job” lose their hope and realize they won’t get paid what they’re worth, they scavenge the company’s resources – contacts, training manuals, copier toner, bandwidth – to achieve some sort of return on their investment. They basically compromise their own integrity out of frustration and that ethical lapse eats away at their conscience.

5. The Selfish Job

Is your job only about you? If it is, you’re probably just hoping to learn, grow, and collect evidence of your own personal ability to add value for no other reason than because it makes you feel better. Using your employer’s resources only to build up yourself will leave you feeling like a moocher and add some stress to your life.

6. The Singular Job

If your job provides a singular, unusual, or unique opportunity to meet a personal need or want, you’re employed in a “singular job.”  You may have a strict schedule your current job accommodates or you may need to work in a certain location, with a certain high profile individual, or to learn a particular skill. As long as this job provides that singular purpose – and you NEED it – this job will probably work out well for you.

7. The Stuck Job

The “stuck job” needs little explanation. You’re stuck – either because of a family situation, an economic situation, a debt situation, or an insurance situation. You do just enough to keep your job. It’s time to dust off that resume and take a part-time job — finding a new line of work.

8. The Sensational  Job

Are you working in a job that fuels your personal passion? Now we’re talking! There are TONS of positives when your job aligns with your personal values, deep interests, and highest priorities. You’re happy to be there and it shows. If this is your job, consider yourself fortunate. Very, VERY few people are employed in their sensational job, their dream job. As long as the “work” aspect doesn’t become too annoying, frustrating, or overbearing, you will have a great time.

So, which one of these job types are you in?

Photo by ms.flux