9 Ways To Stop Procrastinating By This Weekend

What can you do to accomplish more of what you really want to do within the time frame you want to do it?

  1. Change the words in the title from “this weekend” to “TODAY.”
    Getting started at some imaginary point in the futureisn’t going to help. Whatever it is you know you need to do – do it now.

    Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin.  — Victor Kiam

  2. crusoe Get rid of your calendar.
    If you’ve never used a calendar, despite buying a new one each year, don’t think that buying another one will somehow magically transform your habit of procrastination into a habit of getting things done. Work from a prioritized “To Do List” instead (I use a moleskine).

    Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday. — Author Unknown

  3. Pick the lowest hanging fruit first.
    You don’t always have to start at the beginning. If that first step seems the hardest, start with another part of the projectinstead. Give yourself a mental boost by getting something done, then move to the more difficult stages.

    Procrastination is like a credit card: it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill. — Christopher Parker

  4. Set your workspace up YOUR way.
    If your set-up is simply not convenient, it will definitely hold you back. Don’t think you have to set up anything the way someone else does either. Experiment with what works for you and then tweak it to fit your style. Try using a time multiplier.

    There’s nothing to match curling up with a good book when there’s a repair job to be done around the house.. – Joe Ryan

  5. Give yourself a reality check.
    Get real with what you actually CAN accomplish. Procrastinators often have an unrealistic sense of time. They may have the feeling that a project will take forever or that they have “plenty of time.” Neither of which may be true!The more realistic you become, the less likely you’ll be to procrastinate.

    Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week. – Spanish Proverb

  6. Use what you have available right now.
    Use the minutes available to you. My wife has started making everyone clean up during a television commercial. You’d be amazed at what you can accomplish in just 2 minutes! Five minutes can seem like a lifetime after that drill but five minutes is enough time to get something done. One or two phone calls or more can be returned in that time. An email can be answered. A report can be printed. A memo can be written. A decision can be made.

    A year from now you may wish you had started today. – Karen Lamb

  7. Give yourself a pat on the back.
    After you meet small deadlines, reward yourself with a small treat – a walk outside for some fresh air while listening to your iPod or a cup of coffee (you decide). When the entire project is completed, think on a little grander scale – maybe a night out on the town or a weekend away.

    Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. – William James

  8. Find an extra hour each day.
    If it seems like there really is no time, carve out an hour or so from your existing schedule. You really CAN find an additional hour each day, trust me. If you really want to take up biking or walking or blogging, try getting up an hour earlier each day (or on weekends). If you want to do it, you’ll find the time … and that’s the key … desire.

    We shall never have more time. We have, and always had, all the time there is. – Arnold Bennett

  9. Get started.
    That’s the hardest part – getting started. But it’s like pushing a car. A lot of energy has to be expended in the beginning, but once you’re going, keeping the car moving is a lot easier. Just make sure you don’t have the emergency brake set!

    How soon “not now” becomes “never.” – Martin Luther

Photo by florianbanzer