A Five Dollar Prize? Just, um, wow…

My bank just sent me a postcard with a unique opportunity to get FIVE DOLLARS (wow) deposited into my account if I only:

  • Use my check card 30 times in the next 30 days AND
  • Press “credit” instead of “debit” each time.

What gives?

When I use the debit feature of your check card, the retailer is charged less money than when I use the credit feature. As a result, the bank makes more money and it’s a lot more over the course of 30 transactions than five measley bucks.

Since I’m not a fan of my bank, I think I’d rather send those little fees to the retailers. I’m getting closer to making a decision on which bank I plan to move to (here’s a hint).

First of all, 30 transactions in 30 days seems like a lot to me, especially since I’m striving to have long strings of days where I spend nothing. The whole offer just smacks of consumerism.

What would you do? Is it worth the five dollars (3.57 Euro). Or does it irritate you as much as it does me?

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