A Resolution Worth Keeping: Take Advantage of Cash Back Programs

New Year’s Resolutions are notorious for being kept … for about 6 days. But there are several resolutions worth keeping this new year. One of them really should be to take full advantage of various cash back programs.

Two types of cash back programs are:

  • Credit card cash back programs
  • Debit card cash back programs

Credit Card Cash Back Bonus Programs

With the economy struggling lately, cash back programs have taken it on the chin, but there is cash back program that is still standing head and shoulders above the rest. It’s Discover Card’s 5 to 20% Cash Back programs with the Discover-it Card. You can get 5% – 20%  cash back in various categories like travel, gas, groceries, restaurants, home improvement stores … plus no annual fee!

Debit Card Rewards Cash Back Bonus Programs

Perkstreet is the best debit card cash back bonus reward programs out there. With a 2% cash back rewards program for non-PIN purchases all through the year and rotating 5% cash back categories similar to the Discover card mentioned above, customers can expect to receive (on average) somewhere in the neighborhood of six hundred dollars per year depending on your spending choices and levels.

Over $600 in cash back every year.

For the average American family, it can add up to a lot of cash back. According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average household spends $601 per week on things that could be put on a debit card, like utility bills, gas, and groceries. At 2% cash back, that would provide at least $625 towards helping you hit your financial goals. And there is never a cap on what you earn!

More ATMs

  • PerkStreet gives you and me access to the largest surcharge-free ATM network in the country (STARsf®)
  • Located in the places you and I already go – like CVS®, Walgreen’s®, Target® and 7-Eleven®
  • These ATMs aren’t branded but they are completely free to PerkStreet  customers.  Some banks reimburse you for ATMs but you’ll owe taxes on that “income.” SURPRISE!
  • Never make a special trip to a branch again
  • More free ATMs than the big banks

So are you going to follow through with this resolution?

It certainly IS worth it!

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