Accidents Happen:  Be prepared with a savings

Accidents happen every. single. day.

From a fall at work to a car accident on the freeway – heck, some people end up breaking their leg while hiking in the woods – we are always hearing about these events through a third party. Usually we here about these freak accidents on the news.

What we don’t hear about is the effect these accidents have on the families involved. In some instances, the financial burden of hospital bills and post hospital care can be astronomical. In each case like this, you’ll find a single common thread – the family failed to plan and provide adequately for such an event.

That’s why it’s so important to prepare ahead

If you’ve ever walked into a small town gas station or grocery store, then at some point you’ve seen a fundraiser jar for a local family.  Often these fundraisers occur due to unexpected events that have put the family in a place of hardship.

Planning ahead for accidents is important.  While yes, we realize that it can seem difficult to create a savings, it is imperative that we do so in order to protect our families’ futures.

An emergency savings fund (or rainy day fund) can be the biggest difference between having the funds you need and being one of the families on those jars.  We’re not saying that such community aide is bad.  In fact, it shows a strong community and dedication to each other and that is outstanding.  However, being prepared is always the best option and one that can be the deciding factor in how you handle accidents.

Having a solid emergency savings can help you to find a car accident lawyer that will provide dedicated & diligent representation for your case if you’re injured on the highway.  This is the most common accident found in personal injury cases and one that can be alleviated with proper preparedness on your part.  Saving ahead and being able to afford an attorney is essential, as they will know exactly how to handle the case and can help to provide the most successful outcome for you.

My family has a tight budget, can we still save money?

Saving on a tight budget is nothing new to any family.  We all have lean times, which is exactly why a savings is needed in the first place.  Whether you are creating a nest egg for retirement or simply want a bit of security in case of accidents or job loss, saving is required.

While saving requires sacrifice at times, you can save painlessly if you know where to look. Often, there are small ways to save that your family might be overlooking.

There are plenty of things your family can do to start saving money for emergencies.  One of the simplest methods is to have a yard sale.  Yes, prices are cheap at yard sales, but every penny counts when you are saving to protect your family’s future.  In addition to this option there are others as listed below.

  • Yard sales
  • Selling crafts
  • Selling baked goods
  • Mowing yards/Shoveling snow (great for kids, as it helps them feel included)

This is clearly just a short list, as you could come up with dozens of ways to save the money for an emergency savings.  Even things like taking steps to lower your household expenses can help.  In the end, no matter how you create the savings, it is an important act that could make a big difference to your family in the event of an accident.

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