An Easy Way to Stack Discounts and Make More Money

Example: I travel with my day job. A lot. Here’s how I stack my travel discounts on hotel rooms:

I begin shopping at by going to their Holiday Inn link (I’m also a member of Holiday Inn’s Priority Club and get points redeemable for free nights – another benefit!). Holiday Inn rebates members 4.5% of the pre-tax cost of hotel rooms. Then I pay with either my Discover More Card (1% cash back and sometimes up to 5% cash back) or my PerkStreet Debit Mastercard (1% – 2% cash back depending on your balance and sometimes up to 5% cash back). On a $129 per night hotel room I get $8.39 … and sometimes up to $12.25. It doesn’t sound like much but bear in mind I spend 120 nights per year in hotels. $8.39 x 120 is over $1,000. Use this same strategy for rental cars and airline tickets and it easily balloons to over $2,000 per year on things I was going to do anyway.

But has MUCH more than just travel deals to earn money. They have cash back deals from over 1,200 companies like:

  • Walmart (currently 4% cash back)
  • The Children’s Place (currently 2.5% cash back)
  • Groupon (currently 6% cash back)
  • (currently 8.5% cash back)
  • (currently 20% cash back)

And you can get cash back (between 1% and 26%) on all sorts of items like:

iPads Digital Cameras
Legos Laptop Computers
Keurig Coffee Diapers
Perfume Blue Jeans
Yogurt Makers Contact Lenses
Patio Furniture Diamond Rings
Mosquito Vacuums Bounce Houses
Salad Spinners Tires

The actual list of items you can purchase is HUGE and if you’re smart enough to layer your discounts, the net amount you’ll pay (on things you’d purchase anyway) means you can get HUGE amounts of cash back from and either Discover, or PerkStreet. But everything begins by signing up so take a few minutes and get signed up with and then either switch your credit card over to Discover or switch banks to PerkStreet (read How to Switch Banks in 6 Easy Steps).

And if I can ever figure out a way to pay my Discover Card bill with my PerkStreet Mastercard …