Avoiding A Speeding Ticket

Few things can make you feel chilled all over like cresting a hill a little too fast and seeing Mr. State Trooper waiting on you.

I’ve often wondered if it was possible to send the location of known speed traps to a web-site and a quick Google Search reveals several, such as www.speedtrap.org and www.copspy.com. Those are okay, but real time information would be much better since local and state governments are desperate for cash and are using any way possible to get it, companies and consumers are fighting back.

That’s where PhantomALERT steps in. PhantomALERT is software that claims to help avoid tickets by alerting the user when there are red light cameras, speed traps or dangerous curves ahead. The software can be downloaded to any GPS device or smartphone. Knowing where a red light camera is located could possibly help you avoid an accident.

What has really surprised me in my research about the product is the amount of police support it receives. One officer said that he wasn’t in the business of writing tickets, but in making sure people drove more safely. He believes that PhantomALERT does that.

I haven’t bought their service yet, but I am impressed by it. They offer a lifetime unlimited access to their services (currently listing over 110,000 areas to slow down) for only $99.99 and I’m thinking about using it.

If you DO get pulled over, use these ideas and maybe, you’ll avoid a ticket (I’ve gotten out of 8 tickets in the last few years taking these steps):

  • Pull over as soon as it’s safe to do so, indicating with your turn signal that you will do so.
  • Turn off the ignition and put the keys on the dashboard.
  • Roll down all windows and turn on the interior lights.
  • Put both hands on the steering wheel or do what I do, stick them both out the window.
  • When the officer approaches, he will probably look confused at your actions, so explain that you want to reassure him that you will comply with everything he wishes.
  • Tell him where in the vehicle your license, registration, and car insurance cards are located and ask him if it is okay for you to retrieve them. Do not maintain eye contact with the officer while you retrieve these items.
  • Show more respect to the officer than you think is necessary. He has a badge and a gun and the ability to make your life miserable … at least temporarily.
  • If you still receive a ticket, ask if it’s possible to attend a driving class to have it removed from your record.

Yes, I really have gotten out of eight tickets in the last few years using these steps. Twice I was pulled over in work zones (one time I was going 60 mph in a 50 mph zone and another I was going 73 mph in a 45 mph zone). I’ve been pulled over at night, on two-lane roads, on interstate highways, by local police, sheriff’s deputies, and by state troopers. I drive 30,000 miles per year and at some point, I’m going to get pulled over … again … but PhantomALERT could be what keeps me from getting in trouble in the first place!

Have you used PhantomALERT? What was your experience?

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