Banks Without Those Blasted Fees, Avoid the Big Boy Bailout Banks!

Are you sick of your bank and it’s fees? Are you using what I (affectionately) call the Big-Boy-Bailout Banks?

When Bank of America declared that it would start charging customers a monthly fee for simply using their debit card, many people (me included) grew disgusted. When you consider that our tax dollars bailed out some of these banks and then they turn around and zing us for fees to access our own cash, well, you begin to understand the disgust.

If you currently have a checking account at:

  • Bank of America
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Wells Fargo
  • Regions
  • Citigroup

You’re going to get hit with new fees just to access your own hard earned cash. Citi isn’t raising fees on debit card use, but they’re raising fees elsewhere. Enough is enough.

“Nah, I don’t bank there. I bank at [fill in the blank],” you say. Get ready. Do you really believe that your bank won’t notice what’s going on with the Big-Boy-Bailout Banks and emulate them? Fees could be just around the corner and you know why they will work? Because people are too lazy to change banks (read How To Change Banks In Six Easy Steps). Don’t let laziness or apathy describe you! Take ACTION!

No Fee Checking Account Options

You have three very strong options for a checking account with NO FEES:

1. PerkStreet

PerkStreet is a debit rewards card that PAYS you for using it rather than CHARGING you a fee! Depending on your balance, you’ll earn between one and two percent CASH BACK on all your purchases with NO LIMIT. Additionally, they offer up to five percent cash back on certain category purchases throughout the year … up to $250!

The great thing about using PerkStreet is that you can keep your old account at one of the Big-Boy-Bailout Banks, transfer your money on a regular basis and use your PerkStreet debit card instead.

Sign up for PerkStreet’s checking account here!

2. Ally Bank

Ally Bank also offers a no fee checking account and the thing I love about Ally is their incredible customer service. When you log in to their website, they post how many minutes (or seconds) you’ll wait to talk to a human should you have a problem. Ally’s motto is “Building a Better Bank” and they take it seriously.

From Raise Your Rate CD’s to the Ally interest bearing checking account, Ally Bank is a fantastic choice to stick it to the Big-Boy-Bailout Banks.

3. ING Electric Orange

ING is the old standby and I love my ING account. Their web interface is among the easiest to use and is yet another bank without the crazy fees that the Big-Boy-Bailout Banks have. Plus, open an Electric Orange checking account though ING and for a limited time, you’ll get a $50 bonus! When’s the last time one of the Big-Boy-Bailout Banks gave YOU a $50 bonus rather than whining about being “too big to fail?”

Sign up for your ING Electric Orange checking account HERE!

Are you just going to sit there and take it?


Head on over to PerkStreet, Ally Bank, or ING Direct and check them out. It’s only buttons on a keyboard. You never know, you may just realize that you don’t have to sit there and take it from the Big-Boy-Bailout Banks. You CAN fight back!



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