Carbonite Online Backup: Hard Drive Insurance for Your Music & Photos

My backup is scheduled to happen every night. As you can see, over just 24 hours I have quite a few files that need to be backed up. If I was trying to handle it myself by backing up to a CD or thumb-drive, I’d be out of luck. Here’s my backup schedule:

Carbonite Online Backup

As you can see, you can set your backup to occur at any time you wish. I tend to do most of my writing between 5pm and midnight so I don’t schedule backups during that time. The backups aren’t intrusive and I haven’t noticed any slowdown in system speed but I don’t want backups happening during that time period nonetheless.

The first time you use Carbonite, it DOES take quite a while to fully backup your system. There are a lot of files to access and upload. Mine took about 39 hours and I scheduled it on a weekend when I wouldn’t be using my laptop. After the initial backup is completed, it generally takes just a few minutes for Carbonite to scan your system searching for altered or new files to backup.

Restoring your files is incredibly easy.

Carbonite Online Backup

If anything happens to your computer, restoring lost files is easy. To restore a specific file or folder, simply open the Carbonite Backup Drive from your desktop. Files and folders are organized in the backup drive exactly as they are on your computer. Locate the specific file or folder, right-click and select “restore.” The file will be restored to its original location on your hard drive. You will also have the option of restoring the file to a new location, by selecting “Restore to…” or recovering a previous version of the file by selecting “Restore previous versions…”

If you need to restore everything in your backup to a new or repaired computer, go to and click the “Restore” tab to log in to your account and restore your files. The Carbonite Restore Wizard will help you restore all of your files to your new computer with just a few clicks.

Not only can you restore your files to your own computer, you can access your backed up files from other computers via the “Browse my online backup drive” button.

There are a lot of options for backing up your files: physical drives (CD, thumb-drive, external hard drives) and online services. But fires, floods, theft and other disasters can render these physical backups useless. Carbonite Online Backup eliminates the risk of losing files by automatically backing up the irreplaceable photos, music, e-mails, financial records and other valuable files on your computer to a secure, offsite location. Carbonite takes less than 5 minutes to install and beings working right away to protect your most valuable files, continually updating your backup while you work — without slowing down your computer.

Take a look Carbonite. Hopefully you won’t need “hard drive insurance” before YOU sign up!

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