Who Is CapWest Mortgage and Why Should I Use Them?

Why I will use CapWest Mortgage next time

This company offers so many options for mortgages:

  • No cost refinance
  • 15 year fixed rate mortgages
  • 30 year fixed rate mortgages
  • Adjustable rate mortgages in all shapes and sizes
  • 15 to 180 day locks
  • Jumbo Mortgages
  • Mortgages for investment property … hmmm …

Super Low Rates

CapWest offers the lowest possible rates on loans, with super-low closing costs and no “junk” fees, ever. Their business formula has been around a while, but it works on a high volume of mortgage loans with low overhead. By centralizing their operations and using the latest technology, they’ve cut their costs significantly. As a result, you and I can take advantage of their great rates on high-quality loans at a big cost savings.

No Hidden Fees

CapWest is committed to doing away with all the hidden fees that many other mortgage lenders utilize to pad their own bottom line without your knowing it.

Rate Alerts

Will a particular interest rate cause you to go ahead and buy? Call a loan advisor today and they will alert you when the rate is available.

A Mission That No Other Bank Has

From their website:

CapWest Mortgage is committed to offering financial solutions that help our clients manage their money and meet their financial goals. Through innovative thinking, strategic planning, professional dedication, and our unique expertise and experience as lenders, CapWest Mortgage seeks to earn the trust and exceed the expectations of every one of its clients.

CapWest Gives To Low Income Entrepreneurs in Other Countries

CapWest believes anyone who has the dream and determination to better their lives and those of their family, and their community deserves a chance. To that end, for every mortgage loan closed, CapWest donates to Kiva, and keeps up with each entrepreneur’s progress through Kiva’s online interface.

A Mortgage Company for Life?

CapWest wants to be your mortgage company for life! How many mortgage companies have you heard that from? Considering all the advantages that CapWest offers, I can easily see how they can garner so much loyalty.

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If you have good credit (click here to find out if you do), and you’re looking for a conventional mortgage refinance, a mortgage to buy your home, or a mortgage to buy some investment property, check into CapWest Mortgage.