Your Low Salary Isn’t Really Your Fault

June 18, 2017 Mike 0

Tweet You show up. You work hard. Yet, you still have a low salary and you can’t make ends meet. It has nothing to do with your own abilities (or lack of them), it has nothing to do with your

Why Your Last Performance Review Didn’t Go Well

June 2, 2017 Mike 0

It’s that time again, time for mid-year performance reviews. Maybe your last review didn’t go so well. Maybe you felt like you were the victim of the “recency effect” where you did everything right for months but messed up twice […]

When You Screw Up At Work

June 2, 2017 Mike 0

Everyone makes mistakes but if your boss is like most, he or she isn’t concerned with making sure you feel like you’re in good company. No, the boss wants you to do two things AFTER you’ve screwed up: control the

Weekend Roundup Too Much Work Edition

June 2, 2017 Mike 0

Tweet Work has been consuming a lot of my time recently. I’ve been out on the road for either 6 or 7 weeks (I’ve lost count) and it’s getting tiring! I get to go home this afternoon to my sweet

Want A Raise? Consider A Move To One Of These Cities

June 2, 2017 Mike 0

Does where you live have an effect on your salary? According to CareerBuilder it does. Their research into salary changes from 2007 show that while inflation was around 4.1 percent (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics), the average raise

Use a Time Multiplier to Get Things Done

June 2, 2017 Mike 0

What is a time multiplier? It’s anything that allows you to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time. You don’t even have to be there to use a time multiplier. In essence, you “clone” yourself. Ever wished you had […]

The Unfair Advantage

June 2, 2017 Mike 0

I had the opportunity of going to the PGA Tour Championship at East Lake in Atlanta back in 1999. We only had tickets for the next to last last day, but I vividly remember seeing Vijay Singh come off the