12 Things I Learned By 42 That I Wish I Knew At 22

June 27, 2017 Mike 0

My, how time flies. Seems just like yesterday that I was a 12 year old kid, going for long bike rides in Sherwood Forrest, the subdivision just around the corner from where I lived. Playing with William, Edward, and my […]

My Top 5 Personal Finance Blunders

June 25, 2017 Mike 0

NOTE: This post was graciously included in the 3rd Anniversary of the Carnival of Personal Finance #157 as an EDITOR’S CHOICE at Consumerism Commentary. Many thanks to Flexo for hosting. Be sure and subscribe to Consumerism Commentary via RSS or […]

5 Ways I Plan To Survive The Recession

June 18, 2017 Mike 0

This article was included in The Festival of Frugality #118 over at My Dollar Plan. Thanks Madison! Recession talk is all around us and the recession is on virtually every news cast. Paul Harvey even says we are in a […]

Wealth is Thoughts, Not Things

June 2, 2017 Mike 0

Yesterday, JD at Get Rich Slowly wrote an article on Five Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires. The article centered more on how wealthy people think and on simple actions that pay off big. Some of those included a drive to get […]