5 Reasons to Write a Will – Small Step Challenge

June 8, 2017 Mike 0

Tweet Mrs. Micah has tagged several Personal Finance Bloggers with a challenge: Find one step you can take to make your financial system better or more organized. My choice: rewrite my Will. I have to admit that I haven’t thought

Weekend Roundup – 42nd Birthday Edition

June 2, 2017 Mike 0

Weekend Roundup – 42nd Birthday Edition. Notice the post time – that’s what time I was born! I cannot believe I’m 42. FOURTY TWO years old. The way I figure it, I have 25 years to make it to full

Weekend Roundup and Link Love – Going Camping Edition

June 2, 2017 Mike 0

Ah, rest and relaxation. There’s nothing like spending some time in a pop up camper with my beautiful wife and kids, eating our traditional camping meals, staring hypnotically at the campfire, going to bed right after dark, and being out

Video Friday – Baby Laughter Edition

June 2, 2017 Mike 0

Everyone loves a laughing baby. Just forget about your concerns for the next 18 seconds. The Spanish translates to: See how long you can go without laughing. Laughter – Funny video clips are a click away About the author Ron

Video Friday – Soccer Squirrel Edition

June 2, 2017 Mike 0

Squirrel Doing Kick Ups – These bloopers are hilarious[tags]soccer, squirrel, video, blog[/tags] About the author Ron Haynes has written 1091 articles on The Wisdom Journal. Ron is the founder and editor of The Wisdom Journal. He has worked in banking,

Vacation Here I Come!

June 2, 2017 Mike 0

photo credit: P Keigan I’ll be on vacation with my family this week. We’re going on a western Caribbean cruise! I have some posts lined up but I may be a little slow in approving comments and getting back with

3 Ways To Teach Effective Time Management To Children

June 2, 2017 Mike 0

Teaching time management skills when life is relatively simple will make it naturally easier for your child when life gets a little more complicated. So how can you effectively teach your child the skill of managing his or her time?