10 Places in the USA I Must See Before I Die

June 2, 2017 Mike 0

Yesterday, my darling daughter wrote a post on 14 places she would like to see before she dies. Today, my answer to that is 10 places in the USA I would like to see before I die. These are all […]

You Only Need One Thing To Succeed

May 29, 2017 Mike 0

Pretty bold statement, huh? The fact is, since you’re probably reading this on a computer, you already have access to some of the greatest financial wisdom and knowledge there is. You can type in any search term in the world […]

Where Do We Go From Here? How About Back To The Basics

April 4, 2017 Mike 0

Our basic financial system appears to be broken. The Federal government is borrowing from our future and using the money to bail out crooks, cronies, and contributors. Here we are on Main Street America anxiously waiting for the second Great […]

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Denial Isn’t a River In Egypt

August 31, 2016 Mike 0

A couple of days ago, I was pondering the reasons WHY people choose to deny the truth. It really doesn’t matter what that particular truth is, someone will deny it. It might be the truth that smoking is bad for

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15 Signs You’re Lying To Me

August 31, 2016 Mike 0

Subtle clues can indicate uneasiness and that can potentially indicate a lie. Whether or not someone is lying isn’t always easy to tell, but discomfort and unease can be a strong indication.