Do these 3 things to earn 20 Percent on Your Money – Guaranteed

Warning: What I’m going to tell you here is NOT sexy. It’s NOT about putting your money in some fantastic money making scheme. It’s not about getting lucky and winning the lottery. In fact, it’s a VERY WELL KNOWN method of earning 20% on your money every year. The problem? Americans ignore it all the time. Simply because it’s boring. If you want a glitzy and fresh way of earning money, then click away now! If you want debt relief services then click here.

You’ve heard the cliche: a penny saved is a penny earned.


But wait. It’s age old wisdom.

If you don’t spend a penny, then you’ve earned a penny. Think about that.

In your life, are there leaky holes in your wallet where you’re spending money month after month for really stupid reasons?

You won’t believe how many Americans are throwing 20+% in money away very year.

Get this..

Over 60% of Americans with credit cards bear interest at a whopping 26 percent! So if you’re like the average American who carries about $10,000 in credit card debt, then you’re probably giving away between $1,800 and $2,600 or more per year to credit card companies.

That’s $2000+ that you could be keeping your pocket, or ‘earning’ every year.

That’s money that could pay for your family vacation. Money that could fund your retirement. Money that could pay the rent for a couple more months. Yet so many Americans choose to give it to the bank. I call that stupid money.

So why are you trying unpredictable methods of earning 20%?

It just shocks me how these same people are interested in finding other ways to earn 20+% on their money. These ways are often unpredictable and not-guaranteed. They bank on things like:

  • Getting more for their year end bonus (when it’s up to your boss to decide), or
  • Taking on risky investments like bitcoin and Forex (super volatile investments where you could lose everything.)

When the guaranteed solution is staring them right there in the face!

Listen: pay down your credit card debt, and you’ll be keeping that $2000+ per year. A penny saved is a penny earned. 20% saved is 20% earned. It’s often as easy as hiring a debt relief company to do it all for you.

I’ve heard the same old excuses

Quit making excuses about why you can’t pay down your credit card debt.

People say to me, “But I don’t have enough to pay down all my credit card debt.”

Well, pay down what you can. Even if you pay off $100 on your credit card debt. That’s $20+ that you won’t have to pay to the bank year after year. If you leave your credit card debt to grow, it’ll quickly become uncontrollable. That’s when you’ll be knee deep in crap and wished you’d paid off your debt sooner.

These same people would blow that $100 on the lottery, or playing with binary options in hopes of making back a decent-sized profit.

Even if you could be extraordinary at investing, you’d get nowhere close to earning 20% on your investments. Let’s say that your took a ten grand in a cash advance and made a fortune in stocks. What’s the most you’d make per year? 10 to 12 percent is considered phenomenal on the stock market.

The bad news? You’re still falling behind by 6 to 16 percent! And THIS year, the old S&P has lost money — a lot of money — down by almost 50 percent in the past 12 months, about half of that in the last 3 months.

So how do you go about paying down your credit cards?

If you’ve decided to tackle your credit card debt, then where should you start?

  1. Get your interest rate lowered – often, you can negotiate for a lower interest rate with your creditors. This is especially so if you’ve been late on a few payments, indicating that you’ve had difficulty paying. You need to let your creditors know that you’re sincere in trying to pay back your credit card debt. It can be scary to speak to the people you owe money to. What do you say to them? What proof do you need? Luckily there are companies that are willing to help you out.
  2. Consolidate your debt, or get debt relief – In addition to getting your rate reduced, you should gather all your debt in one location. This is where debt consolidation services come in. They pay down all your existing debt, and then become the sole creditor that you have to pay. These companies are in the business of helping people that struggle with debt issues. So you know you’ll be working with a friend when you engage their services.
  3. Get paying – As I mentioned before, whether you have $10 or $10,000 to spare, just start paying. Any time you waste will be more interest incurred. So you can maximize your effectiveness by paying your debt down ASAP.

Do these three things and you’ll be well on your way to earning 20% on your money every year!


You could experience the freedom of having no credit card debt in the very near future

High interest credit card debt is the scourge of our society and has become a prevalent practice around the world. It has given us a false prosperity, a thin veneer of success and accomplishment, but in the end, it bites us back. We pay for those throwaway items over and over again because the payments always seem to pay the interest, never the principle.

 I get it, paying down your credit cards is never as sexy as making money on the stock market. However, it’s the surest way to earn 20% on your money right now. Just do it, and your future self will thank you in a few years!

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