Eighty Percent Off at Restaurant.com

What could be more financially frugal (or smart) than to get $25 worth of value for only $2?

Today through June 15th, use the special coupon code: PRESENT when you check out at Restaurant.com and you’ll be able to buy $25 gift certificates to select restaurants for only two dollars! The usual price is $10, which is a great deal anyway, but now that price has been slashed.

Why would a restaurant do this? Exposure. When a business needs to generate excitement and volume, there’s nothing like a price cut to attract new customers. If the business then “wows” those customers and they spread the news to friends and family members, the investment was well worth it.

Not all restaurants are smart enough to participate so head on over to Restaurant.com and check (for free) which ones do. Other restrictions or limitations may apply (these are set individually by each restaurant).

Remember, the coupon code is PRESENT and it’s only good through June 15th.

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