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Entrecard is a social network that takes a different slant than most. You have an online business card, an Entrecard, that you “drop” on the sites of other member bloggers. You place this Entrecard on your blog as a 125×125 ad box with a “Drop Yours” message underneath. When another member visits your site, he or she can then “drop” their card which shows up in your Entrecard inbox. Once you log in to your Entrecard account, you’ll see the Entrecards of other members that have visited your site. You then have the opportunity to reciprocate and visit their sites.

When you “drop” your Entrecard on another member’s site, you receive one Entrecard credit to your account. When another member drops their card on your site, you receive one Entrecard credit. Currently, you’re limited to 300 drops per day. You also receive credits when someone decides to advertise or start a campaign on your site.

Campaign and Advertise
What do you do with these credits? Why advertise, of course! Entrecard allows you to spend your credits by buying ads on other member sites. The price is set based on how many people per day visit your site and drop their card. From the Entrecard website:

To advertise your card on someone else’s widget, it costs the number of credits equal to twice the number of cards dropped on that widget each day. So if a widget receives an average of 50 cards dropped into it each day, advertising on that widget will cost 100 credits per day. This helps insure that for every two credits you pay, a unique user will see your ad and be clicking in the general vicinity. It also ensures the economy balances, because every time you drop your card, it creates two credits. That surplus must be balanced via advertising costs.

When you go to the member’s Entrecard site, you can see how many credits are needed to advertise on their site. If you decide to advertise on this site, your Entrecard shows up for a full day. If you can find an A-list blogger who has just signed up, you can advertise on their blog for very little credit. I’ve seen blogs with 5,000 feeds have an Entrecard cost of as little as 16 credits. Some though, cost well over 500 credits.

Since the card runs for a full day, Entrecard limits the number of days for the advertising cue to nine. That means you’re never more than about 9 days away from being able to see your ad on another blog or site

One great advantage of Entrecard is that you can hop from site to site, visiting blogs both inside and outside of your niche. You may be in the “travel” niche and click on a blog’s Entrecard that is in the “Internet marketing” niche, drop your card, look around, then click on their widget which is advertising a blog in the “cooking” niche. You’re taken to that blog, you peek around, drop your card, then click on the Entrecard widget and go to a blog in the “music” niche. Each time you drop your Entrecard, your card shows up in the member’s inbox and you receive credits.

Another advantage is that YOU get to accept or reject the blogs or sites that want to purchase advertising on your site. You can be as discriminating or as free hearted as you like. Be sure and check out the site, though. You wouldn’t want any surprises according to Entrecard!

Designing Your Entrecard
The Entrecard website offers a very bland card you can use, but it is very generic. You’ll find that you can create a certain amount of brand awareness be designing a unique Entrecard. I discovered a great site that will design an Entrecard for you for a very low price…three dollars for a limited time, payable by Paypal. It couldn’t get any easier than that. Check out Blog Logos. The guys there designed a logo for The Wisdom Journal as well as many other recognized blogs.

You can use other designers, of course, but I was very please with the work from Blog Logos.

Make Your Site Sticky
Entrecard users may be clicking from blog to blog in a furious attempt to generate credits so they can advertise. Keeping them on your site will be a function of your ability to:
Create Attention Grabbing Headlines
Generate Fantastic Content
Be Creative, Controversial, or Inspiring
Offer Something for Free
Constantly Improve Your Blog

Give Back to Your Droppers
When you visit those sites that dropped an Entrecard on your site, take a few minutes and look around. You never know when you’ll find something of interest or start a mutually beneficial friendship.

Final Word
Go ahead and join Entrecard today” and start dropping. If you drop on my site, I’ll drop by yours and we can keep the system going together!

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