Everything I Needed to Know About A Frugal Valentines Day I Learned From My Dog

Everyone has a list of how to have a frugal Valentines Day.

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At My Two Dollars you can learn Frugal ways to Make Your Valentine Swoon.

But no one does “frugal” like a dog.

Me: Honey, where would you like to go out to eat for Valentine’s Day?
Wife: Oh, anyplace is fine, Chili’s or O’Charley’s would be nice.
Dog: I’d be happy just eating that leftover lasagna in the back of the fridge.

Me: Would you like to go on a little trip for Valentines Day this year? The beach, snow skiing in Colorado, the West Coast, a cruise?
Wife: Anywhere is fine. You pick.
Dog: The park just down the street, let’s go to the park! Yay!

Me: What would you think about buying a new minivan, say a Honda Odyssey or a Toyota Sienna?
Wife: Can we afford that right now?
Dog: So long as it DOESN’T have air conditioning, any old car will do. I just love hanging out the window with my tongue flapping in the breeze!

Me: Did you see the house plans for that 5 bedroom 5 bath house? I really like that one. If we could build it on those 26 acres just outside of town . . .
Wife: That’s an awfully big house.
Dog: A one room house is fine with me! HEY! We could all sleep together! YES!!!

Me: I’m heading to the grocery store. I want more variety in our meals.
Wife: WAIT. Let me see if I have some coupons and if the Grocery Game has any specials.
Dog: I eat the same thing every day and I LOVE it. Hey, I KNOW — How ’bout some dog chow right now? Hmmm?

Me: I wonder if I could get a new Wii and some games to go with it.
Wife: Those are fun, but they do cost a lot of money.
Dog: Why don’t you just throw the tennis ball a couple of thousand times at the park? I promise to always bring it back! That is, unless you’ll chase me for it.

Me: I’m bored, let’s go to the mall and look around.
Wife: Now that’s some temptation.
Dog: How ’bout you let me sit in your lap and you scratch my belly for a couple of hours?

Isn’t it funny how a dog is happy with just the simple things in life? They’re happy just spending time with you, doing something as simple as taking a nice long walk, or rough-housing in the yard, or digging a hole. So long as he isn’t digging up your tulips, it doesn’t cost anything to do those things. Dogs are happy with a belly full of the same old dog food, happy to just walk down the street with you, and happy to chase a Frisbee or a ball. They don’t demand a large house with elaborate decorations, or a fancy sports car, or any of the trappings that humans fall into. They’re happy to just be with you.

There’s a lot we could learn from our “best friends.” Maybe we should just be happy being together.

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