Finding A Job Is Easy But Getting One Isn’t If You’re Unprepared

And therein lies the key: You have to make the most of your face time with the interviewer when you get the chance. That’s why I wrote The Inner View of Your Interview. It crystallizes three decades of experience in human resources to help job seekers know and understand how their interviewer thinks and the motivations behind the top 100 most common interview questions. And make no mistake about it:

Understanding your interviewer’s motivations WILL help you tailor your responses to your interviewer’s greatest needs.

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Once you’ve uncovered the greatest needs at the company, you’ll be better able to match your skills to those needs. The result: your interviewer will see you as a problem solver, an asset to be acquired, a valuable potential member of the team. You’ll make your interviewer WANT you on his or her team/staff.

What is that worth to you?