Free Prize Pack from Feed The Pig!

After commissioning several studies on savings habits, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA),  grew dismayed enough to start a unique site called Feed the Pig with “spokespig” Benjamin Bankes. Benjamin urges young and old alike to spend within or below their means.

To get the word out, Feed the Pig is giving away a prize pack to two of my readers! If you would like to get in on the drawing, simply go to the Free Savings Tips section of their website, and leave a comment on your favorite tip from the site.

The prize pack consists of

  • Piggy Bank
  • Pig Stress Ball
  • Pig Key Chain
  • Pig Weepul

So, check out Feed the Pig and share which tip you like best. While you’re there, be sure and check out other articles like:

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I’ll draw for the winners on Sunday, June 14th so don’t delay! One more thing, ALL entries are eligible to win so long as you tell me which savings tip you like best, even if you’ve won something on The Wisdom Journal before and the prize packs will be sent directly from Feed the Pig.