How a History Check Will Protect You From Fraudulent Sellers

The major concern that motorists have when looking to purchase a used vehicle is getting scammed. This is understandable, as there are lots of horror stories of fraudulent sellers either shifting unsafe/unreliable automobiles or simply conning the motorist into parting with their hard-earned cash and then vanishing.

Avoiding Fraud

It can be very difficult to spot fraudulent sellers and used car scams, but fortunately, there is one great way to get the all clear. This is with a car check from a reputable company like HPI. They will look deep into the automobiles history by checking records with a variety of industry bodies to ensure that you are not getting scammed and that there is no hidden past to worry about. Here is how it will protect you:


41 cars a day are identified as stolen by HPI. This can be difficult to tell yourself, but they will check with the Police National Computer to ensure that you are not about to purchase an automobile that is recorded as stolen.


You should always stay clear of a vehicle that has been salvaged after having previously been declared a total loss by an insurance company. These vehicles, known as CAT C, are incredibly unsafe to drive. A history check will ensure that it was not previously written-off and that it is safe to drive.

Outstanding Finance

There is no way to tell if a car has outstanding finance on it by simply looking at it and this is something that a fraudulent seller may attempt to conceal (the outstanding finance stays with the car). If payments cease, you will soon find the lender coming to repossess the vehicle.

Number Plate Changes

A number plate change may simply be for personalisation, but it can also be used by fraudulent sellers to conceal the vehicle’s history. These checks will identify how many changes there have been and if there is anything outstanding on a previous plate.


Checking the logbook is an important as looking under the hood. Unfortunately, there are over 200,000 stolen logbooks in circulation which are being used to conceal cars that are stolen or cloned. These checks can make sure that the logbook and automobile match by cross checking the V5C number and date that you were given.

These are just a few of the common issues that a vehicle history check can flag up. Overall, these checks provide you with a transparent and thorough overview of the automobile’s past and if there any issues that you need to be aware of.

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