Hate Debt and Monthly Payments? How Businesses Plan To Sell To You Post Recession

  • More promotion of value. Just don’t let someone else define that for you.
  • More promotion of usefulness. Ditto! But they still want your money.
  • More promotion of family. Don’t get reeled in by a cute commercial.
  • More promotion of simplicity. Simplicity is “less stuff” not more!
  • Less promotion of luxury. Be careful how they repackage it.
  • Less promotion of brands. Brands can show up in the most interesting places.
  • Less promotion of monthly payments. Payments were a cash cow so look out how they will make up for it.
  • Less promotion of debt as a way to finance lifestyle. Thank goodness.

Consumer oriented companies believe that, moving forward, you and I will react positively to marketing efforts that will allow us to feel that our new-found frugality is a lifestyle choice rather than an economic constraint. They believe that if they can tap into our newly discovered approach to discretionary thrift, they’ll be better able to separate us from our cash and pad their bottom lines.

How do we combat this approach? Switch to cash and ask yourself if you really, REALLY need that item. There’s a store in most malls that carries some of the most interesting gadgets. I like going in there because of the “why didn’t I think of that” moments. But I recently described the store to a friend of mine as “3,000 really cool things that you actually don’t need and have been getting along without for decades!”

One day the consumerism party may get cranked back up again, but I don’t think it will ever be like it was. We’re in an economic cycle that can only be broken by getting things like income levels, debt, and real estate prices back into balance. We still have a long way to go.

photo credit: rockmixer