I’m Ready To Change Banks and Need YOUR Recommendations

photo credit: Adam Tinworth
I’ve about had it up to HERE with my current bank…and no, that isn’t me in the picture.

The online interface is horrible.
There is no response to pleas for help from customer service.
It doesn’t even have an email alert system if your account drops to a certain level!
It recently bought out another bank and has decided to use that bank’s computer system…and it’s terrible.

If you want to know which bank I plan to leave, send me an email.

Here’s what I want:
1. Interest on checking.
2. High yield savings accounts. I usually keep about $15,000 in my savings account.
3. GREAT customer service.
4. Access, access, access. (No fee ATM withdrawals)
5. A really good online interface.

Is there anything I’m overlooking?
Please leave me YOUR recommendation and why as a comment.


Whoever leaves the best recommendation in MY opinion will receive a FREE BOOK on customer service. Shipping is included!

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