How Well Are You Connected?

motion gears -team forceThere are several ways to stay up with what’s going on here at The Wisdom Journal and with me personally. One way is to use what’s called Really Simple Syndication (RSS). If you don’t understand what RSS is or how it works, it’s really simpleRSS just pulls your favorite websites (blogs and news sites) together into one place, shows you which ones have recently updated, and allows you to read them from one page, called your “Reader.” When you decide to leave a comment, you just click the post title and voila! You’re there! When I discovered how to use RSS, it made my life so much easier. Once you have it set up, checking your favorite sites is as easy as checking your email! It’s all right there.

To use RSS, start by reading What Is RSS? Then go to Google, sign up for a free account, and start filling up your Reader. I’d be honored to be one of your first RSS feeds in your Reader! To subscribe to The Wisdom Journal, simply click this link once you’re set up!

You can also subscribe by email. THEN it really IS as easy as checking your email!

You can also follow me on Twitter. Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that limits posts to 140 characters. Think of it as text messaging on your computer. I recently added quite a few people to my “follow list” on Twitter thanks to Pete at Bible Money Matters. He put together a great list of people that personal finance junkies should follow and I added those that weren’t on my list already. If you “follow” me, I’ll be sure and follow you. Right now, I’m trying to get my followers up to 1,000! (got a ways to go).

You can also keep up with my through my Linked In profile. Linked In is a professional networking site that allows people to connect with others, ask professional questions, and network with like minded individuals.

If you’re wondering what types of websites I enjoy visiting, check out my Stumble Upon profile page. Stumble allows you to set up a profile with your personal interests. Once you do, you can Stumble through them and they have millions of sites that will interest you. Like personal finance, economics, watch-making, cooking, and bird-watching? Add those to your profile, click Stumble, and you’ll be taken to a random website that falls into one of those categories. When you see a site you particularly like, you can click a “thumbs up” and Stumble will seek to deliver more sites like it to you when you’re Stumbling. See one you don’t like and you can click a “thumbs down” to tell Stumble that you don’t want sites like it showing up. I’d be very grateful to get as many positive thumbs as possible, and if you “friend me”, I’ll be sure and return the favor. Join Stumble Upon and begin enjoying the Web like it was a new toy!

I also have a Facebook page where I post several family pictures and updates to my personal life. Check out my Facebook profile and be sure to add me as a friend. Again, I’ll be sure to return the favor.

While you’re at it, be sure and subscribe to my friends in the Life Skills Network :
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