I Just Saved A Bunch Of Money By Switching My Insurance To FILL IN THE BLANK

Seems like our airwaves are full of people who saved money on their car insurance. Almost every one of these television or radio commercials feature someone who “saved a ton of money” by switching. Usually, what is NOT mentioned is the fact that most of these HUGE savings result from people switching from some shady, no-name insurance company they were forced to use after:

  • Their old policy lapsed because they forgot (or neglected) to renew it.
  • They were dropped by their previous insurer because of a poor credit score.
  • They were dropped because of an accident or DUI.
  • They were just starting out and had never needed car insurance before.

So the question is: Can YOU save any money by switching insurance companies? The answer is: I don’t know! Everyone’s situation is different but this is one thing I DO know: it pays to shop around.

I shop around using NetQuote. There I can fill out one form and get multiple quotes, all without the hassle of dealing with multiple agents, multiple phone calls, or multiple “gate-keepers” who won’t let me speak with the agent directly.

So don’t get sucked in by a farmer from the state, an old guy with a big red umbrella, a caveman, a brunette in a white lab coat, a lizard, a cartoon character, a reassuring old actor with good hands, or especially the guy who looks like he was selling watches outside some hotel last night. Take a few moments and educate yourself to make sure your agent isn’t taking you for a ride.

The fact is, if you’re already with a major company, chances are good that you’re getting a relatively competitive price now. But it never hurts to check. And here’s a little secret: many of those big, major companies will give you a quote through NetQuote! That’s when the “only one form” thing becomes really valuable.

Give it a shot! It’s only a quote and you never know when you might be able to save.

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