Is Your Job On The Chopping Block?

As companies figure out how to do more with less, more and more people are finding themselves in the unemployment line according to a recent report by Bloomberg. According to the report, payrolls decreased in 28 states led primarily by North Carolina with 12,500 jobs cut in one month (November).

As economists continually “get surprised” by the dismal economic data that’s drip-drip-dripping on us like some sort of twisted water torture, there ARE people getting jobs. Why? They are highly prepared for their interview and use the tips and techniques found in The Inner View of Your Interview.

The fact remains that the most qualified candidate doesn’t always get the job offer. I’ve watched a company pass over someone for a purchasing agent position who had an MBA, was fluent in Mandarin Chinese, and had with a wealth of purchasing experience in favor of someone who showed more drive and determination by learning everything about the company. They simply presented themselves better and were better prepared for the interview. Fair? Perhaps not, but life isn’t fair and you owe it to yourself to ethically use any advantage you can find to better yourself and your family.

Your job is secure?

You may think so, but even the most secure positions are vulnerable these days. Even if you are merrily employed today, you never know what will happen tomorrow.  By practicing CCM, Continuous Career Management, – keeping your resume current, networking with others in the industry, using the S.O.N.A.R. method to develop your success stories (page 13 in The Inner View of Your Interview), and knowing who the key players are in your industry – you will always be ready should a career disaster strike.

Today there are thousands who wish they had prepared for job cuts, layoffs, and reductions in force. Make sure you’re ready ahead of time. Like my great grand-daddy used to say, “Son, dig your well before you’re thirsty.”

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