Lending Club: Better For Investors AND Borrowers

The beauty of Lending Club is that, as an investor, I can lend $1,000 to 40 different people in $25 increments and by doing so, lower my risk of default. Investors are able to closely examine the financial status of each loan they partially fund with information like:

  • Credit Score Range
  • Earliest Credit Line
  • Open Credit Lines
  • Total Credit Lines
  • Revolving Credit Balance
  • Revolving Line Utilization
  • Inquiries in the Last 6 Months
  • Accounts Now Delinquent
  • Delinquent Amount
  • Delinquencies (Last 2 yrs)
  • Months Since Last Delinquency
  • Public Records On File
  • Months Since Last Record

Borrowing from Lending Club

As a borrower, I can tell investors why I need a loan, and answer any questions an investor may have. Not only that, but borrowers get loans at FAR better rates than those available from traditional sources. The application process is simple, your loans can be funded in just a few days, and you’ll be able to make fixed monthly payments that don’t fluctuate with changing interest rates.

Lending Club: Banking the way it used to be

By allowing its members to directly invest in and borrow from each other, Lending Club avoids the cost and complexity of the banking system and passes the savings on to you, whether you’re an investor OR a borrower. Both sides can win: better rates to borrowers and better returns to investors. It’s that simple.