Lessons from a Farmer

Financial success comes from circumventing temptation.

Finally, a farmer has to fertilize his crops. He tends the soil and insures that it is in optimal condition for maximum yield. He may incorporate different supplements, minerals, and compost to help boost the soil’s health and thereby boost his harvest.

We fertilize our financial crop in several ways as well. We explore ways to make extra money. We educate ourselves in financial matters. We put our money into investment vehicles that will produce a good harvest and we then monitor its performance, making adjustments as necessary.

Financial success results from insuring growth.

Once a farmer has allowed his crops to mature, he begins the harvest. That’s where the similarities end. We can harvest our money at any time, but a farmer cannot harvest too soon or else he will have immature and unsellable crops. We get to decide when we harvest, early or late, and if we wanted to allow our financial crops to continue to grow, they will!

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