My eBook On Job Interviewing Is Now Available!

After working on The Inner View of Your Interview for almost a year now, I’m proud to say that this 102 page, 40,000 word book is now available! Taking a look at interviewing from an interviewer’s perspective, this book reveals not only WHAT you’re likely to be asked, but WHY. It then delves into HOW you should answer those questions and WHERE you should guide your interviewer (hint: to your own strengths as they relate to the open position).

innerviewinterview I’ve been interviewing other people for job openings for several decades and I’m always amazed at the lack of preparation far too many people bring to their interview. On the other side of the coin, I’m also amazed that other job candidates think they can spend 5 minutes rehearsing a few answers they found on the Internet and snow me or any other interviewer. An interviewer can always tell when a job candidate has marginally prepared or has been coached. And although that only works slightly better than a completely unprepared candidate, a seasoned interviewer will see right through the rehearsed replies and send you packing. The Inner View of Your Interview doesn’t recommend you come off sounding like an interviewing robot, repeating the tired old phrases and slogans espoused in books from the career section of Barnes and Noble. The Inner View of Your Interview teaches you step by step how to prepare for your job interview using bonus worksheets and dozens of examples.

The best prepared candidate for a job interview is the one who sounds completely natural, who doesn’t sound coached, and who has more knowledge about the interviewing process and the company’s needs than first appears. THAT is the candidate most likely to receive a job offer; and if a job seeker puts into practice the tips and techniques found in The Inner View of Your Interview, everything else being equal, he or she will be that candidate.

A job is the gift that keeps giving

Writing a book isn’t easy. Far too often ideas come in flurries faster than fingers can type. Other times there is nothing there and nothing flows together, but after sticking with it, I’m proud of what was produced.

If you’re looking for a gift this Holiday season, or if you know someone who has recently graduated or is looking for work, The Inner View of Your Interview makes a great gift.

You can purchase it right here on the sidebar on the right side of this page or go to the book’s main page here. Use coupon code “save10” to get $10 off your purchase now through December 31, 2010. Simply enter the coupon code and click APPLY, wait for the cart to reset and you’re good to go.

Other eBook projects I’m working on:

  • An eBook on Moving. Having moved 28 times over 44 years, I’ve definitely got the experience … and the sore back. This book will help you avoid my mistakes.
  • An eBook on Dachshunds. We loved our little Dachshund, Copper, and he’s been a joy to our family. Maybe you’d like one too?
  • An eBook on writing a grant proposal. There are literally billions of dollars set aside by the federal government, state agencies, corporations, and foundations for education, research, community initiatives, and much more. If you have a way with words, it could pay!
  • An eBook on Retirement: Beyond Finances. There’s more than just money to worry about.
  • An eBook on camping. Yes, you need to get out more often, but maybe not the “out” you’re thinking of.
  • An eBook on the Fundamentals of Saving for College. It will be here before you know it. It’s coming up on me FAST.
  • An eBook on Household Organization. Declutter your home and free your mind! Organization will set you free. Bold statement? Sure, but true nonetheless.
  • An eBook on How to Build a Deck. See my backyard in pictures this Spring!
  • An eBook on How to Read a Financial Report. Knowing how to read those reports can help you make a better educated guess for your investments.

I’ve already gotten the framework written on most of these and they will become available over the next few months so keep tuned!

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