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Turning Around Your Financial Life (Part 2 of the story)

Want a FREE book? Sign up for my RSS feed and then email the free book code to thewisdomjournal [at] gmail [dot] com. Just replace the “at” with the “@” sign and the “dot” with “.” Your name will be entered in the bi-weekly drawing and you’ll always stay up to date with what’s happening […]

Can Business and Environmentalism Co-Exist Peacefully?

Recently, I was eating a wonderful meal in Longview, Texas, at one of my favorite deli’s, Jason’s deli. The stores are always exceptionally clean, the food selection is outstanding, the freshness is top notch, and the salad bar is the *best* in my opinion. Everything at this deli is free of artificial trans fats and […]

7 Career Myths Exposed

We have manage our careers just like we manage other things in our lives. We manage our finances by closely scrutinizing our income and expenditures in relation to how we would like them to function, making adjustments all along the way. We manage our time by observing how we spend it in relation to how […]

5 Keys to Networking Success

For all the importance that we place on the ability to network, rarely are the intricacies of networking discussed outright or taught in colleges or schools. Getting your name into the front of someone’s brain by successful networking is sometimes accomplished by luck, but more often than not, it’s either a conscious or subconscious effort. […]

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