Outs and Ins for 2009

Funny how things change when money gets tight. Suddenly the things we can’t live without become less palatable. What used to seem so important becomes less important and what we once thought was “beneath us” becomes perfectly acceptable.

I compiled a list of things that are OUT and compared them with things that are now IN (thanks to my wife for the input). Add to the list in the comment section below!

Out In
Credit Cash
Time at the office Time at home
3/1 ARM w/balloon mortgage 30 year fixed
Freddie Mac Mac and cheese
Vacation home Rental home
Investment accounts Savings account
Growth Security
Ruth’s Chris McDonald’s
New BMW Used Honda
Home remodel Home garden
Ivy League Community College
Pinoit Noir Beer
Bottled water Water filters
Limosine City bus
Therapist Pastor or Rabbi
Hedge funds ETF’s
Interior designer Hobby Lobby
Bloomingdale’s Wal Mart
Starbucks Maxwell House
Coach White Stag
True Religion Levi’s
Drinks on the house! Drinks AT the house
Private chef Home cooking
Chauffeur Driver’s license
Sub-Zero Kenmore
Hair salon Hair clippers
Silver bullet Patience
Marble Slab Baskin Robbins
Hired help Do it yourself
Expanded cable Basic cable
Vacation Staycation
Cosmetic surgery Using cosmetics
Ray-Bans or Oakleys Foster Grants
Citibank ING
Allies Friends
Shopping malls Thrift stores
Newspapers Blogs
Risk Insurance
Big business Small business
Stocks Bonds
Estee Lauder Cover Girl
Conspicuous consumption Considered consumption

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