Putting Off Filing Your Taxes Because You Owe Money This Year?

A tax break would be pretty handy right about now, wouldn’t you say? Open a traditional IRA with Scottrade, make a contribution by April 18th and you may be able to build your retirement nest egg AND lower your tax exposure (check with a tax advisor to be sure).

scottrade-signup How much can I put in an IRA?
You can contribute up to $5,000 (or $6,000 if you’re age 50+) for the current tax year.

Why choose a Scottrade no-fee IRA?

  • No hidden fees: no opening, closing, annual or custodian fees
  • Self-direction — you choose your investment vehicles
  • Tax-deferred earnings growth
  • No minimum annual contribution
  • Choose from many types of IRAs (not all are tax deductible)

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