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Would you feel better getting your mortgage from a financial pillar in the industry? How about the #1 online mortgage lender in the USA? How about a company that has written well over ONE MILLION MORTGAGE LOANS and plans to write many, many more? How about a company rated “highest in customer satisfaction” by J.D. Power & Associates? Welcome to Quicken Loans, the Internet’s leading mortgage lender and company we’re proud to profile here at The Wisdom Journal.

A few reasons why Quicken Loans is America’s #1 online mortgage lender

Quick closings

Few companies have the background in personal financial management like Quicken Loans, and their team of experts in the mortgage industry are keen on making sure you can get the home you deserve and can afford. They’re committed to helping you qualify for FHA, VA, or conventional loans and get you to the closing table fast.

With rates at historic lows, there isn’t a lot of down-side risk since interest rates can’t go below zero, but the upside risk is relatively large. Rates could increase without a lot of notice. That’s why closing quickly is critical. One customer in Florida closed in only 21 days!

Rate Drop Program

Not only are they committed to you today, but into the future. If rates drop over the next three years, Quicken Loans will help you take advantage of those lower rates through their Rate Drop Advantage program.

Quicken Loans Offers Over 100 Different Loan Programs. Apply HERE!

Programs for investors too

Are you a real estate investor? Quicken Loans has programs for you too. Refinancing your investment properties has never been easy but with Quicken Loans, you can easily refinance to take advantage of today’s low interest rates. If you decide to take some of your available equity off the table, those funds can then be used to further your budding real estate empire and purchase more homes … and you get to refinance without pre-payment penalties.

The best reasons to refinance with Quicken Loans?

If you have:

  1. An adjustable rate mortgage with a looming rate increase
  2. A balloon mortgage about to pop
  3. A mortgage rate over six percent
  4. A desire to lose the 30 year mortgage and get a 15 year instead

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You really should consider Quicken Loans.

Rate increase on the horizon?

Don’t pay more for your home than you have to. Refinance to take advantage of today’s lower rates and give your budget some payment stability.

Balloon about to pop?

Many people fell victim to the real estate craze and have balloon mortgages about to pop. When they do, it’s imperative to refinance to an affordable mortgage (Quicken also offers 7 year ARM loans).

Too much interest?

There is absolutely no reason for you to pay more than necessary for your home. Though not everyone will qualify for the lowest rates, Quicken Loans’ team of experts is committed to helping you get the lowest rate possible.

Too old for a 30 year mortgage?

I’m 45 years old. I refinanced a couple of years ago from an adjustable rate mortgage to a 30 year. Though I don’t plan to live in this home for 30 years, I still shudder to think about being 73 when the mortgage is paid off. With Quicken Loans’ refinance calculators on their site, I may find that refinancing into a 15 year mortgage makes sense and brings “Mortgage Freedom Day” many years closer to the here and now.

Could you lower your house payment? Find out with Quicken Loans. Apply HERE!

Take a look at Quicken Loans

When a company builds as fantastic a reputation as Quicken, you owe it to yourself to investigate why others are so pleased with them. Are you as thrilled with your mortgage company as Quicken Loans’ customers?


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