Ready to FIRE Half Your Staff?

Management can be an absolute joy when you have the right people in the right positions. And if all those people communicate well, avoid petty gossip, respond properly to suggestions from management and co-workers, and hit their revenue and profit goals … well, it doesn’t get much better. On the flip side, management can be highly frustrating when those things don’t happen and if you’ve hired or inherited staff members whose behavioral styles and motivations don’t match the job at hand or don’t match with your style, well, the frustrations mount.

helpwanted_thumb.jpgWe all instinctively know that you can’t put accountant types in certain roles anymore than you can put artist types into others. Those are the easy ones. But how do you handle it when an employee you’ve inherited doesn’t gel with your management style and doesn’t seem to want to get on board with the direction you’re taking the department or company? What if this employee was #1 in the company last year? There does exist the possibility that her former supervisor’s behavioral style matched her own very well and the employee thrived in that environment but your style and hers may not match causing her … and you … a lot of frustration.

I run into CEOs, VPs, department and division managers, and entrepreneurs who experience these same frustrations and I tell them, “The next time you’re ready to fire half your staff and start over, call me.” I’ve seen it happen too many times: once people understand each other’s communication style, their behavioral style and personal motivations, things turn around and they turn around quickly.

Would it be helpful to you if you and your co-workers all knew and understood WHY each of you behaved a certain way? What if you and your supervisor both knew and understood each other’s behavioral styles and personal motivations? Could you adapt your communication style to match theirs so that they he or she understands you without all the defensiveness?

With the right training, you can. Employees (and bosses) who undergo the proper training report better communications, more respect for each other in the office, and consequently, generate higher profits resulting from higher productivity. When people aren’t running around frustrated and irritated, they’re able to  focus on their job and isn’t that why they’re paid?

People are hired for their verifiable skills, education, or past accomplishments but they’re almost always fired because of behaviors. Of those who aren’t fired or removed from their position, eighty percent who voluntarily quit their jobs report that it was because of a boss’ behaviors. Observable behavior certainly does appear to be the source of many, if not most, work-related problems but things don’t have to be that way. You don’t have to necessarily change your behavior — you just have to adapt your communication style and willingly develop the understanding of how others act.

There are several behavioral and motivation programs to do just that and one of the best is through my company, Corter Consulting. We use patented, up-to-date programs to help you and your employees better appreciate each other’s communication and behavioral style. Having worked with thousands of employees and hundreds of companies, we know what works and how to turn things around in your workplace so that employees understand each other, communicate better, and understand their customers better. The result? Happy employees, happy managers, happy customers, and greater profits.

To start your company’s turnaround, give me a call at 870-761-7881. We can do one behavioral/motivational assessment at no charge on a struggling employee (or on your star performer) and let you see what a huge difference it can make. You’ll understand them better than they probably understand themselves.

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