Ready to SAVE Some Money? is at it again, offering $25 gift certificates to over 15,000 restaurants nationwide for only TWO DOLLARS! Check the site to see if your favorite restaurant participates and begin saving some serious cash yourself!

Simply enter the coupon code “SAVE” and get 80% off their regular price of $10! That’s right, get 80% off every purchase when you use  promo code “SAVE”. Save on all three of their popular products, $25 Gift Certificates, Dinner of the Month Club, and their NEW $25 Gift Cards.

The offer is good through June 10, 2010, but you can use the certificates well after that. Consider getting the Dinner of the Month Club and spend $24 to get $300 in high quality, great tasting meals from great local restaurants in your area.

Makes a great gift for Father’s Day!

I love using our Dinner of the Month Club certificates to save some serious cash. Several great independent restaurants in my area (my favorite kind) participate in this one-of-a-kind savings opportunity. The restaurant gets great word-of-mouth advertising, and I get a great meal at a severely reduced price.

So, check out Seeing which restaurants participate is FREE and there’s no harm in peeking. Make sure you use the coupon code SAVE when you check out and remember, this offer is good through June 10, 2010.

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