Resolution Worth Keeping: Get On A Budget


With YNAB, You Save for a Rainy Day

You’ll anticipate larger, less-frequent expenses and will be ready for them without even having to think about it. Insurance premium due in six months for $600? YNAB’s software helps you save $100 each month while you watch the car insurance category of your budget balance grow. Then when the bill comes due, you’re not in a bind … again. When you save for a rainy day, you eliminate the crazy ups and downs in your financial life and gain a true picture of your discretionary income. Enjoy opening the mail again (the money will be there waiting to pay that bill).

With YNAB, You Roll with the Punches

The key is to keep moving even when you fail (you will). YNAB will make small adjustments when you overspend, ensuring that you fix those mistakes before you go to the next month. As a result, you stay on your budgeting feet, so when you DO fail, you don’t quit. You start each month with a clean slate – a huge psychological boost.

With YNAB, You Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Isn’t that what you want a budget to do? YNAB was designed so that you gradually begin living on last month’s income. It’s designed into both the software and methodology to help you do just that. You’ll automatically find the coveted “breathing room” in your finances. You’ll stop trying to time when bills are due based on when you get paid, and if you’re on a variable income, your budgeting “problem” will be eliminated.

YNAB really IS different

YNAB bills itself as different than other budget or money management programs and the reasons are many:

    1. They don’t demand your banking passwords or logins. YOU retain those and you don’t have to worry with identity theft with your budgeting software.


    1. They use the highly reliable online envelope system with some interesting twists.
    2. The system helps you save for those “rainy days” and large purchases – including insurance or taxes.
    3. YNAB forces you to focus on your budgeting leaks … and fix them quickly.
    4. The software makes adjustments if you overspend, helping you correct those mistakes before you go to the next month.
    5. It even works for those “spontaneous people!”
    6. The system frees you from the paperwork monster (my personal favorite).

    The FREE YNAB Givewaway!

    I’m so confident that YNAB is the way to go that I’m going to give away one copy of their award winning software. All you have to do is leave a single comment on this article before January 31, 2011. I’ll use a random number generator (at and choose a winner. To download the software, you’ll be given a “gift” code and you’ll have to enter some personal information on the YNAB secure site in order to download your free copy.