Return of the Zombies

As a little kid, I can remember watching an old black-and-white “horror” film on television that featured zombies who came back to life and feasted on the bodies of the living. That kind of stuff stays with a 5 year old – and he remembers it 40 years later!

zombie Sure it was a cheesy, low-budget film, but zombies are for real, trust me. Today there are zombie debts, zombie habits, zombie taxes, and all sorts of other “zombie” problems that can come back to feast on YOU, the living. These zombies are relentless, they never stop coming after you until they a truly obliterated. Scary huh?

Zombie Debt

Zombie debt is any debt that you thought was paid off or forgot about. Zombies don’t like it when you forget about them … neither do debt collectors. Zombie debts can turn around and bite you, nibbling on your brain when you least expect them to show up. The same holds true for zombie debt collectors. Once those debts find you again, they will continue to pop up until you obliterate it by paying it off.

Sometimes a zombie debt is resurrected when a company buys the charged off accounts of another company. They then use some crazy lawyer-like incantation to bring it back to life and come after you.

The best way to defeat zombie debt is to cut it into little pieces and defeat them one by one.

Zombie Habits

Ever pay off a credit card only to charge it right back up some time later? I have. Old habits are very difficult to break and they never do seem to die, do they? Just like a zombie to refuse to die. The key to killing a bad zombie habit is to replace that habit with something that is good for you.

The best way to defeat a zombie habit is to replace it with a good habit (sometimes called a routine), one that produces the life you really want.

Zombie Taxes

These have to be the worst. Most zombies show up quite a lot earlier but zombie taxes have a nasty habit of waiting a few years to come back to eat you alive. The problem is that zombie taxes are the biggest, baddest, and strongest zombies out there. Ignore these at your peril since they can not only destroy your wallet, but also seize your personal possessions. Zombie taxes can also destroy the weapons that could kill them, including your ability to earn an income or make extra money.

The best way to defeat zombie taxes is to stand up to them, acknowledge their existence and work with the Zombie Master (the Internal Revenue Service) to deactivate them. The Zombie Master will help you, but only if you face him. Turn and run and he will chase you to the ends of the earth!

Other Zombies

Other zombies that can come back to haunt you are:

How To Defeat The Zombies

Zombies can be defeated, most often by decapitating them, cutting them into tiny pieces and burying them in different spots, or maybe by encasing them in freshly poured concrete. But the best way to avoid these zombies is to never allow them to come back to life in the first place!

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