Roundup and Link Love – 2008 Tax Deadline Looms Edition

Wednesday is the day. The day your taxes are due. If you have yet to get started on your federal or state tax returns for 2008, you don’t have much longer. Personally, I’ve used TaxCut from H&R Block for over a decade and have made it through a couple of audits with flying colors. Some other choices for tax preparation software include:

No matter which of these great products you use, the key is to get started and get those returns completed by the deadline! The last thing you need is a tax problem.

If you’ve already finished your taxes, check out these great links:

How To Make A Survival Key Chain. This was a “way cool” post from the Frugal Dad!

Six Conversational Habits to Ditch Today from Sara at On Simplicity.

From Jeff at My Supercharged Life: Facing Opposition? You Must Be Doing Something Right!

28 Ways to Slay the Delay courtesy of Marc and Angel Hack Life.

Maintaining Balance: Is Getting Out of Debt A Need or A Want?

The great salary freeze.

Flexo has 8 tips for living through a recession

Free Garmin nüvi GPS from KeyBank from My Dollar Plan

What to do if you can’t pay your taxes

Will the Fed come clean? (Don’t count on it)

Will someone please investigate this bank bailout?

Citibank’s CEO, Richard Parsons blames you for the mess he’s in!

7 companies that reinvented someone else’s wheel.

Time management tips that actually work.

The strongest U.S. banks & S&Ls.

Why you need to keep asking “What if…”.

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