Roundup and Link Love – Dusk on the White River

River Mist

Beautiful site, no? This picture is near Bull Shoals State Park in northern Arkansas and is just below the dam. I’m here on business actually. Tough, I know, but a few people from my company are here as guests of one of our vendors. Tomorrow we go trout fishing but tonight we relax beside this gorgeous river. The trout can wait until the morning!


This week’s spotlight blog is “positively present.” The writer is a delightful person who is struggling to maintain a positive attitude and live happily today. How refreshing!

Here are some of her recent posts that you really should check out:

are you open?
let’s go! 5 steps for getting on the road to your goal
change your mind about change

The Fab Five

Lessons from the Great Depression from Dave at Do You Dave Ramsey? You’ve probably read a lot of these type posts but you really need to read this one.

What Money Can’t Buy from Marc and Angel Hack Life. This is one of those posts you will want to print out and also email to all your friends and family.

The Ten Commandments for Frugal Living from Frugal Dad. Be sure and read this one in the context it was meant.

Firing Our Nanny for More Family Time from My Dollar Plan. I hate having to fire anyone, but I really applaud Madison and her commitment to her family.

One Of Life’s Greatest Contradictions: Learn To Love What You Hate from Jeff at My Supercharged Life.

“The things we generally hate doing [are those] that lead directly to success.”

Okay, the Fab Six …

A Simple Morning Routine to Get You out Fast! from Sara at On Simplicity (guest post). I need to put some of these suggestions into practice myself.

Best of the rest

The Smokehouse

Battle of the Money Management Tools: Comparing YNAB Pro and Quicken

A tax deduction is not the only reason to give

Why You Could Not Pay Me Enough to Film My Life

College Students Should Take Responsibility For Their Financial Situation

Paying Yourself First Pays Off

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