Roundup and Link Love – Economics Edition

I’m always amazed at the lack of economics education in this world. But since economics is a basic course taught in most colleges at the freshman level, and since we have more college attendees than ever, maybe I should be more amazed at the lack of retention.

I’ve gathered some economics posts and articles from around the web. Maybe we can clear out the dust bunnies and remind ourselves about how things really work.

Paul at Beyond4Cs warns about the lies that some diamond vendors tell you about investing in diamonds. He also tells you when investing in diamonds actually makes sense.

Over at Five Cent Nickel, we can learn about the velocity of money.

Price inflation is all the rage at the ABC’s of Investing.

Should we revive the gold standard? The von Mises Institute says having a gold standard limits the government’s power on economics like the Bill of Rights limits its power over the people.

But let me ask you this: would you trust your next-door neighbor to use a legal-tender printing press “responsibly”? Now what about the people in DC? If we’re going to be foolish enough to give them a printing press in the first place, don’t you think it’s a good idea to put some strict rules in place?

Over at the opinion journal we can read Which State Should Obama Emulate? PLEASE pick Delaware over California …

While we were distracted by the AIG bonus mess, the Federal Reserve quietly pumped in another trillion dollars, further weakening the dollar.

Since taking office, the Obama job deficit has reached 651,000. That’s 651,000 more reasons to CUT taxes. Since he promised to “save or create” 3.5 million new jobs, he now only has 4.151 million to go!

While it isn’t really an economics post, Why Bonds Tank When Interest Rates Rise over at Gather Little By Little is a gread explanation.

In an op-ed for the Daily News Record, Donald Boudreaux outlines why Keynesians myths fuel this stimulus nonsense.

Enjoy the links., I’m off to the beach!

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