Roundup and Link Love: Entering a new phase of life edition

Great Investment Opportunities for Investing Beginners. I guest posted over at Organizing Your Way about getting started in the investment world.

Cash4Gold or Cash4Suckers? You probably already know my stance on gold. Don’t make things worse by falling for one of those TV commercials.

Your Role As “Keeper of the Home” from The Confident Mom – who was recently invited to join the Life Skills Network!

The Art Of Saying No. It really is an art and it requires practice to get really good at it – but you’ll never regret limiting your commitments to those you CAN and WANT TO keep.

The Secrets Of Living A Debt Free Life. I love reading David’s posts. He cuts through all the fluff and gets to the meat of the matter. You’d do well to read his articles and read them often.

Installing Hardwood Flooring Yourself to Save Money. As someone who has worked in the flooring business for the past 7 years, I can say that PT is da man.

Ask for a Financial Smack in the Head NOW! We could all use a smack now and then, though I rarely have to ask for one. LOL!

My Dining Out and Grocery Budget Compared to My Neighbors. Jeremy introduced me to Bundle, a really COOL application that combines census type data with your finances.

Entrepreneurs That Follow Their Passions to Make a Killing Online. Following your passion is the key – it really doesn’t work otherwise.

Manage Your Money Pre-Challenge Post: On Paper On Purpose. You can’t be an enemy of debt without a budget!

By the numbers: