Roundup and Link Love: Extraordinary Life Edition

What is “extraordinary?” It is amazing, exceptional, fantastic, incredible, marvelous, outstanding, phenomenal, rare, remarkable, special, stupendous, surprising, terrific, uncommon, unheard-of, unimaginable, unique, and unprecedented. The blogs represented by the Extraordinary Life Network want you to live and love and enjoy a life filled with the extraordinary.

I was fortunate and excited to be asked to join this network of bloggers. Who are they? (in alphabetical order)

1.  Enemy of Debt

Brad Chaffee is debt’s worst enemy. At Enemy of Debt, he lays out the whys and wherefores of his stance against what he calls “the cockroach of personal finance.”  His tagline is “Where behavior meets reality” and that’s where we all need help!

2.  Engaged Marriage

Dustin Riechmann dishes out marital advice for young couples over at Engaged Marriage.  By focusing on the early years of marriage, Dustin hopes to help these young couples (and even us old ones) establish a firm foundation that will help them stay together through all the “stuff” life throws at them.

3.  Mama Notes

Samantha Mellen is a wife and stay-at-home-mom (just like my wife!).  Mama Notes is a sweet blog about being a mom and parenting our precious children. She writes about her personal experiences during motherhood and she also hosts the Body After Baby challenge to help women fit and in shape after having children.

4. My Super-Charged Life

I’ve (cyber) known Jeff Nickles for about two years now and my abbreviated name for his site is MSCL. Though it stands for My Super Charged Life, the abbreviation appears to also stand for MUSCLE and Jeff stands at the ready to give you the muscle to live your life to the fullest. He specializes in daily inspiration that has muscle and teeth. If you need to get going on anything, you simply must put Jeff on your daily reading list.

And of course, there’s The Wisdom Journal, but you already knew that!

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