Roundup and Link Love – Guess This Age Group

There are always some surprising tidbits when you start doing any market research. See if you can guess which age from Here are some highlights about the growing usage of online media of this age group:

  • The 2010 US Census counted 40 million of this group in the US; 13% of the total population.
  • According to eMarketer, this portion of the population will reach an estimated total of 72 million, nearly 20% of the projected total population by 2030.
  • Online media is quickly increasing its reach and will soon surpass traditional media habits of this age group, reaching 56.0% by 2015.
  • Social networking sites are mainly used for connecting with friends and family. In the last 3 years, social networking increased from 4.7% to 28% amongst this group. eMarketer forecasts a rise to 36% by 2013.
  • 56% of internet users in this age group 64 to 72 purchase products online.

If you guessed the over 50 age demographic, you’re right. Surprised? One day, and it will be before you know it, you’ll be in this age group!

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Here are some of this week’s super links to take a look at:

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