Roundup and Link Love – Headed Back Home Edition

It’s always good to be headed home. Along that theme, here are some great “HOME” posts for you to check out!

Lynnae at Being Frugal has a simple template for making homemade soup. Don’t you just love homemade ANYthing?

Except for homemade laundry detergent. Frugal Dad says homemade laundry detergent is just a bit too far for him and his family.

Nikki at Domestic Cents wrote about the Timeless Art of Sewing. What could be more frugal, sensible, or money saving than sewing? I’m always proud to see MY girls getting out the sewing machine because I know they’re learning something that will serve them for years to come. Maybe at some point, they can use that skill to make extra money for college!

Simple Mom has some pointers on classic toys, what makes the cut, how to decide, and what to give away to another child.

Over at My Supercharged Life, Jeff has a list of 8 healthy foods you should eat. Cook these up at home and save money while improving your health. Win-win all around!

In a post that was written for the holidays, but is applicable year round, Sara at On Simplicity wrote 10 ways to enjoy your family during the holidays.

In a great post, Tools of the Mighty, Marc wrote about the difference between the pen and the sword. Neither is “mightier” than the other unless they’re being properly used. A pen is worthless in a sword fight! But his post got me to thinking about how my home and family are “tools” that makes me contented, that relaxes and recharges, that binds us together. Check it out at Marc and Angel Hack Life.

Madison over at My Dollar Plan is organizing her home and putting some new ideas into play. Her resolution is to make 2009 a year of execution.

Over at My Wife Quit Her Job, Steve says he’s managed to increase his online business by 147 percent. This entire site is a wealth of information on starting an online business.

Enjoy the links! I just hope my flight isn’t canceled or delayed!

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