Roundup and Link Love – Heading to Savanah Georgia

I’m heading to Savannah, Georgia for my company’s annual meeting this weekend and I’m really looking forward to it! I get to take my wonderful wife on this trip and while I’m in meetings and seminars, she gets to tour and see this beautiful and historic city.

I already have some posts scheduled to run and a guest post on Wednesday that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. In the meantime, check out these great articles from the Life Skills Network and beyond:

Jeff at My Supercharged Life is donating up to $500 to a charity. Which one? It depends on you and whoever else leaves a comment on his post about it. Head on over today to put your favorite charity’s name in the hat. For every comment, he will donate $1, up to $500. The charity will be selected at random and the drawing will be closed on December 9. Hurry!

Have some questions about Roth IRA’s? Check out Madison’s article entitled Roth IRA Q & A to get your questions answered.

Frugal Dad has the low down on using LED lights for Christmas. He even has some electrical experts from the Home Depot waiting to post a follow up to answer questions.

Simple Mom says that quality down time increases productivity. I couldn’t agree more!

Traditional gift giving got you down? Tired of the “same old, same old?” Check out Sara’s article on 3 alternatives to traditional gift giving. Great ideas here!

What does Marc want to be when he grows up? The answer might just surprise you.

Joshua at Accountable Living (great new blog BTW) has a post on strategies for success. His point about pride getting in the way struck home with me.

Over at Green Panda Treehouse, there is a whole SERIES of awesome posts on hosting a dinner party. Subjects covered include drinks, desserts, appetizers, entrees, and conversations. Great series!

One of the topics I’ll be covering in a seminar I’m putting on in Savannah is Customer Service. Andy at Lifevesting poignantly correlates customer service to other areas of our lives. After reading his post, it really made me think.

Debt equals stress. No doubt about it, so imagine the stress of two mortgages on Gibble. Hopefully, his old house will sell very soon.

One of the beauties of writing for your blog is you get to set your own hours. But, according to Mrs. Micah, you still need some boundaries.

David at My Two Dollars lists a few simple changes that will add up to thousands of dollars. I love posts like this!

Ryan at Millionaire Money Habits lists ways to make your success inevitable.

Over at The Digerati Life, SVB advises everyone on what to do if you get laid off. The lesson here is to be prepared and have a plan B.

Hope you enjoy the links!

Oh, and if you’re planning on dining out anytime soon, is offering yet another great opportunity for savings at some great eating establishments! For a limited time (through Monday) you can save 60% off $25 Gift Certificates. Use code LIST and pay $4. Valid 12/5/08 thru 12/7/08.

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